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The increase in the lumen of veins in the affected area and near it is accompanied by a parallel contraction of the arterioles and arteries. If a blockage clot only one branch, in the course of this vessel there are small or, more rarely, major haemorrhage. Sometimes, bleeding observed around the eye bottom.
These processes lead to a sharp and significant reduction of vision. Fortunately, blindness in a patient does not occur. Complication of Kamagra Jelly buying, which is different for severe pain. Self thrombosis central retinal vein is unacceptable, because the patient without passing a specific test even qualified ophthalmologist will not be able to distinguish this disease from hypertensive angiopathy retina.
Professional treatment is reduced to the reception inside, and injections of special preparations. Physical therapy aimed at lowering intraocular pressure. Typically, therapy sessions are appointed by an ophthalmologist, because this way of treating the most simple and effective in this situation. Viagra puts to the mastoid behind the ear on one side of the head – depending on the localization of the pathological process. Number of Kamagra Jelly is not more than 2 copies.

Kamagra Gel

This is a disease with unknown until the end of the etiology and pathogenesis is a clouding of the lens. The most common senile cataract, which leads to a decrease in visual acuity in the elderly. Perhaps this is due to the fact that in old age is the eye tissue depletion in vitamins and vitamin-like substance.
Traumatic cataract is related to mechanical damage to the lens. Exposure of the eyes of chemicals (mercury, ergot, Kamagra Oral Tablets, naphthalene, etc.) leads to a toxic cataracts. Radiation cataract develops when the eyes are exposed to ionizing radiation. Sometimes the cataract is caused by incorrect technique sulfa drugs. It is known, finally, that the disease may occur as a complication of infection, endocrine disorders and metabolic disorders. Congenital cataract is caused by hormonal abnormalities in mothers during pregnancy.

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